Disney Magic Kingdoms – 7 Tips For Beginners

Disney Magic Kingdoms contain certain nuance in regard to the way it deals with its timer-based gameplay. Since immemorial, individuals have been playing this gameplay to build their hypothetical Disney park. Below are a few tips that can possibly guide you when playing Disney magic kingdoms.

1. Avoid optional land clears initially
You are advised to avoid optional land clears initially unless you have an uncontrollable urge to effectively space out your own park. Another case is where you possess an excessive amount of magic. Failure to do this will make your plots appear expensive compared to other pieces of land that are part and parcel of the story.
2. Timer management
Upgrading superbly your characters will allow you to adequately plan out an extended adequate practice depending on the time you take to plan out on being far away from the game. The longer the practices the fewer magic and experience for each hour is rewarded. It goes without saying that every freemium magic game requires timer management.
3. Keep an eye on special events
You have to check out the special events in the game. Besides, you need to be certain in order to take an advantage of them to be allowed to earn additional magic. You are encouraged to logging several times a day. You also need to tap on black crows which infiltrate your respective kingdoms.
4. Be patient
It is vital to remember to be patient when you think about playing a game that is fully built around wait timers. Besides, you also need to exercise patience when accomplishing progress in the game. You require to do all the quests that are there when you expect to open extra quests.
5. Level up your characters
The game usually makes you aware when you require to level up your character to continue in the story. Nonetheless, there are a variety of optional quests which can only be accomplished through leveling up. Consequently, this will generate new quests for you. Always ensure that you slowly are doing this to your character. It will definitely make a difference.
6. Pay a visit to your friends
As a game player always find fun in social interaction with others. Show your friends what your magic kingdom is capable of. Paying a visit to your friends by hitting the social button will allow your visitors to enhance their speed. It will also enable them to see how their parks are coming along. It is one way of creating fun, sharing ideas/strategies and learning on how others play their games.
7. Participate in the community
It is important to participate in several social media platforms so that you can easily understand how other people share their gameplay experiences and progress. The community offers a platform where you can possibly get excited about new characters in the game. Here, people can easily remind you of the diverse game practices when they post visuals of funny character interactions.
In conclusion, the above-mentioned tips will guide you to a unique Disney magic kingdoms gameplay. I recommend you to utilize them. You will experience gameplay of its kind.

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