Disney Magic Kingdoms Tips: Spend Nothing to Build!

Like the ‘House of Mouse’? Then you are going to like Disney Magic Kingdoms. Building an ideal Disney park without resorting to IAP is possible! We’ll show you how.

Buildings can come later

A smart way to build is by avoiding it initially. If you are prioritizing on leveling up individual characters- Magic Kingdoms has its own character-leveling system – you’ll be able to unlock a few additional activities these characters are supposed to do. Oftentimes, these won’t require to complete the quests or constructing new buildings, though they are required at times to complete the quests, but dedicating Magic resources isn’t compulsory towards buildings. Unlocking multiple activities requires a varied activity-portfolio for the different time-slots and every new activity potentially unlocks character development items that are new and different every time. Character level-ups or character upgrades are best when you got all items ready to get the job done. A character that’s ready for an upgrade won’t allow stockpiling inventory items that are specific to the character and any activity which would have earned those items are going to earn nothing but Magic and Experience. Without upgrading characters, you’ll miss out potential items from the inventory at the end of completion of such activities.

Optional Land-clears: Avoid them initially by all means!

Magic Kingdoms has options to unlock additional land plots not tied to immediate quests. They are not going to fill the quest logs either; neither are you going to get any unlocking points related to magic and/or experience. These are pretty expensive plots of land if you compare them with the plots that come as default (i.e. a part of the entire story), so when you are starting off, avoid the optional unlocks. There will always be a desire to space-out the park perfectly and more so when magic is present in an excessive manner, but it will be a wise move if you save that Magic for the buildings already there and taking the character levels up.

Managing the Timer

Every builder game like this one requires a common-sense, timer-management primer. If upgrading the characters went well, it has already got you an adequate activity portfolio for each of the characters. This allows you to decently plan out enough activities but then again, it depends upon how long you intend to stay away from the game. Longer the activity runs, less is the magic and experience rewarded per hour. Therefore, engage during the game with a couple of hours-long activities and not with the longer ones. An exception to this rule is when you’re looking out specifically for an item/items to be earned only through a certain activity. Run a business analysis in this case; you’ll be able to determine if your efficiency of Magic accumulation is more important than accumulating character items regarding your current expansion plan. Magic accumulation takes precedence (almost always) but when you are close enough to the completion of a quest, it makes more sense deviating instead towards pursuing the items.

Checking out Special Events

Something very obvious, but nevertheless very important. Keeping an eye over the in-game special events help you to take their advantage and it is an easy way to earn some extra magic. This event can be anything from rewarding players for multiple times of logging in at different times of the day or tapping on infiltrating black crows into respective kingdoms. These fetch rewards as high as 5000 magics and are well-worth!

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